WORLD PREMIERE | Life and Times – Episode 7

WORLD PREMIERE | Life and Times – Episode 7
10/01/2015 Kim Savarino

Nature Theater of Oklahoma‘s Life and Times – Episode 7 (MAP 2013) premieres October 4 at steirischer herbst in Austria!

What is this Life and Times series, you ask? It all began with the life story of Kristin Worrall, one of the company’s members, told over a sixteen-hour phone conversation. Currently there are nine episodes of this long-term project — each episode draws from a transcript of the conversation in a unique format and mix of megalomania and absurdity. Nature Theater of OK received MAP funding for Episodes 6 and 7 in 2013, with Episode 6 constituting a turning point in the life story recounted so far. Creating a moment of self-reflection, it pulled from conversations held over two years while the group was on tour with Life and Times.

In Episode 7, the company works within the conventions of old black-and-white Hollywood films, paying formal obeisance to Orson Welles’ film classic “Citizen Kane” as they restage the recorded life story in another new format, this time with nine actors playing the parts of more than one hundred characters. Need to catch up? This episode also gives a newsreel-style recap of events so far.

Tickets and more information are available here. Prepare yourself for the next step in the series by watching the trailer now.

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