About the Grant

$30,000 to support Life and Times: Episodes 6 & 7 (MAP 2013)
$3,500 to general operating expenses for Nature Theater of Oklahoma
$2,500 to general operating expenses for Fractured Atlas, Inc.

About the Project

Life and Times - Episode 6 is planned as a late night alternative radio program, which will be broadcast streaming over the Internet. Since the audio recording of the original phone conversation with Kristin Worrall was damaged, only fragments of her story remain. DJ Directors Pavol Liska and Kelly Cooper insert themselves into the vacuum of the story. They will act as radio hosts and spin interviews with the company members, as well as engage in conversations with a live audience. All of this – plus original music from the cast played live in the studio will be part of the event. Liska and Cooper will work on this episode in-progress in Berlin in June/July 2013, and plan to premiere it in fall 2014.

For Life and Times - Episode 7, Liska and Cooper return to the original recorded phone conversation with Kristin Worrall, which deals with foreign study in Europe, university graduation, and first jobs. This Episode is planned as a combined live action and stop-motion animated movie, filmed entirely out of doors in the natural setting of the upstate New York Hudson River region. This movie will also have live music and an original score. Filming will being in June 2014 followed by a premiere date sometime in early 2015.

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