The Peace Pipeline (MAP 2019)



Oil companies routinely build pipelines through Indigenous lands, often destroying sacred sites. How do non-natives feel when the shoe is on the other foot? In this gonzo reality hack, Gitz Crazyboy and Tito Ybarra act as the Indigenous Pipeline Council, a Native-owned pipeline company that has been “granted the right” to run their pipeline through residential Duluth, MN. Watch the tragically real comedy unfold as Minnesota residents learn what is going to happen to their own sacred sites: a golf course, the downtown shopping district, and even a graveyard. 

This project was created in solidarity with the Stop Line 3 campaign. 


Film Festival Awards include:

Dallas VideoFest – Best Documentary Short

Jim Thorpe Film Fest – Best Documentary

Skoden Indigenous Film Fest – Best Short and Audience Award

North Dakota Human Rights Film Fest – Best Documentary

Short Wolf Tree Film Fest – Best Comedy and Audience Choice Award

Usak Film Fest – In the Name of the Raven Award


Gitz Crazyboy

Winona LaDuke

Keil Troisi

Tito Ybarra