That Nice Black Neighborhood (MAP 2019)


  • $45,000 to Earshot Jazz to support That Nice Black Neighborhood (MAP 2019)


That Nice Black Neighborhood tells the story and history of the systematic destruction of thriving Black communities across the United States. This project consists of a cross-country visit of approximately 40 landmark locations that were once economically vibrant Black neighborhoods that were later destroyed by White mobs. The project involves interviewing current residents about their knowledge of the disappearance of these neighborhoods.

That Nice Black Neighborhood will bring to light the little known history of economically vibrant Black-established communities in the time of Reconstruction and Post-Reconstruction, when Black millionaires, Black owned properties, businesses as well as banks, existed and were self-sustaining.

While visiting each site, Rucker will research local archives and present a series of site-specific concerts inspired by the history of that location. These documented performances will be used as source material for a culminating 75-minute performance.


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