Forgotten Paradise: Gazettes Sun (MAP 2019)



Where are your monuments, your battles, martyrs?

Where is your tribal memory?

The sea.

The sea has locked them up. The sea is History. 

—Derek Walcott

Forgotten Paradise: Gazettes Sun is an experiment in creative non-fiction film making and performance installation. Through image, interview, music and theatrical physicality, Forgotten Paradise: Gazettes Sun will move across time and space as an investigation of Brathwaite’s family history against the backdrop of the transatlantic slave trade. Born in England to Barbadian parents with African ancestry Brathwaite intends to create the film by collaging staged ritualized performances in Barbados, England, and different countries in West Africa, the documentation of these performances, interviews with family and scholars and the narrative experience of two women she found in slave ship logs. In its final form, the project will exist in two states – a feature-length film and an installation with live scoring and sculptural elements. Forgotten Paradise: Gazettes Sun is a personal and poetic ethnographic film and performance, a eulogy for lost histories and a public reckoning of that loss.


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