Fandango for Butterflies and Coyotes (MAP 2019)


  • $45,000 to En Garde Arts to support Fandango for Butterflies and Coyotes (MAP 2019)


Commissioned by En Garde Arts, written by Andrea Thome, directed by José Zayas and composed & choreographed by Sinuhé Padilla, Fandango for Butterflies and Coyotes is inspired by interviews with undocumented Latin American and Latinx immigrants in New York. The piece is set in the structure of a fandango, an improvised community celebration from Veracruz that combines Afro-Caribbean, Spanish and indigenous traditions. Six professional Latinx actors and professional musicians (including Sinuhé) will perform, inviting the audience along for this immersive, celebratory experience. Fandango will premiere in February/March 2020 in all five boroughs of NYC, and we are partnering with cultural institutions in each borough in order to achieve this. We’re working with Lehman Stages at Lehman College and The Point/Open Hydrant Theatre in the Bronx; Snug Harbor in Staten Island; LaGuardia Performing Arts Center in Queens; La MaMa in Manhattan; and the Irondale Theatre in Brooklyn.

The performance will be in English and Spanish with supertitles in both, making it fully accessible to Spanish and English-speaking audiences. We’re also partnering with the NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant affairs who will have a booth at our performances and provide both immigrants and allies with resources and actionable steps.


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