Beyond Boom and Bust (MAP 2019)



Beyond Boom and Bust is a community-based civic performance project that will explore stories of the local economy and the impact of cycles of boom and bust on the community of the Illinois Valley, a rural community in southwestern Oregon. As with many other rural communities, the history of our community is shaped by economic booms and their inevitable busts; the necessity of economic transition, most recently in the wake of the legalization of cannabis, demands creative, artistic intervention toward building a more resilient, participatory, just economy. In partnership with local organizations, an ensemble of local and visiting artists will hold a series of story circles and interviews to create and perform a dance-theatre piece around the theme of the economy: how our economy has shaped us culturally, created divisions and alliances, and how we might imagine a more resilient local economy. The resulting piece will be staged locally in conversation with planning organizations and initiatives.



Gina Angelique

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Karalyn Kvittem