Always Greener (MAP 2019)




Terri has lived in Greenfields, an accessible community, her whole life. But her quiet and predictable world is shaken when Raven, an outsider, breaks in, causing Terri and her neighbors to wonder what else lies beyond its walls… This is the story of Always Greener, a groundbreaking new musical that asks what people with disabilities want rather than what they need.

Always Greener foregrounds the world of people with disabilities, using adaptive and inclusive casting, music direction, choreography, design, and direction. As a team of multiple collaborators with and without disabilities, we’re developing a musical that dispels myths, reframes public understanding, and expands thinking about disability relationships, work, and sexuality.

We’ve been hard at work since 2016, building on Tellin’ Tales’ 25-year legacy of disability performance in the Chicago area. Hot on the heels of our first sneak preview performance, we are currently planning a full workshop production in 2020. Thanks to support from the MAP Fund, we’re ready to share Always Greener with the world.

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