2022 MAP Fund Micrograntees

2022 MAP Fund Micrograntees
04/19/2023 MAPstaff
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“This was clearly designed as an easeful, low effort, low friction, and consentful process. It means so much when funding opportunities do not create new stress or obligations.”
– 2022 MAP micrograntee

MAP is excited to announce our first microgrant initiative! Following artist-led mutual aid networks and our ongoing desire to expand MAP’s circle of support, we invited all eighty-eight 2022 MAP grantees to choose an artist in their community to receive an unrestricted $1,000 grant. Micrograntees did not have to complete applications, nor will they have to submit final reports.

This cohort of micrograntees stretches across 23 states and includes directors, performers, activists, musicians, educators, producers, playwrights, spoken word poets, researchers, composers, choreographers, and more. When asked why they selected their microgrant nominee, grantees wrote lengthy praises, including:

– “Her plays sit down next to you like a new, best friend who offers rare and valuable insight; well-observed, relevant, gripping stories; characters so alive they surprise you into laughter and tears; and a strong beating pulse of dramatic tension.”

– “She is authentic with her art and it is even more amazing that she is able to do this while raising a toddler as a single mama.”

– “He helped build a vibrant music scene and community in which marginalized and often isolated musicians could make connections and collaborate.”

Please join us in celebrating these incredible micrograntees:

Aaron Maier
Adee Roberson
Adri de la Cruz
Ākea Kahikina
Alexis Rivierre
Ama Birch
Angela Arteritano
Ashley August
Billie Krishawn
Bryanna Bradley
cat mahari
CJ Suitt
Danielle Colin
Danny Greenberg
Daraisi Marte
Demian DinéYazhi’
Denáe Howard
Erin Thompson
Fish Navarro
Gal Cohen
Galen Bremer
Hannah Simmons
Héctor Jaime
Ingrid Laubrock
J. Andrea Porras {yAyA}
Janice Bad Moccasin
Jax Blaska
Jerron Herman
Joshua A. Thompson
Joshua Merchant
JoVonna Parks
Joyce Lu
Jubilith Moore
Kendra J. Ross
Kevin Scott
Leyna Marika Papach
Lizzy May
Maria Bauman
Marianna Hester
Marissa Joyce Stamps
Matt Bittner
Mawu Ama Ma’at G. Oyesii
mica rose
Michael Daddona
Miguel Rodriguez
Nabra Nelson
Nathan Farrell
Neda Nadim
Nikita Ares
Nikolai McKenzie Ben Rema
Noa Rui-Piin Weiss
Olajuwon Davis
Pepper Pepper
Philip Graulty
Quinn D. Eli
RaFia Santana
Raquel Rivera
Rasha Abdulhadi
River Ramirez
Sanchel Brown
Sarah Finn
Schantelle Alonzo
Shanice Mason
Sri Thina Subramaniam
Staton Rabin
T.J. Keanu Tario
Tami Jordan
Tammy Ryan
Teisha “Murray”
Todd Marcus
Tsohil Bhatia
Uriah Bussey
Victor Rei
Anonymous (14)