Who applied to MAP this year?

Who applied to MAP this year?
12/08/2017 Kim Savarino

MAP 2017 projects: Make Believe, Bee Boy, Dreaming of You: The Unauthorized Education of Selena and the Queens of San Antonio

Thank you for applying to the 2018 MAP Fund grant cycle!

We’re writing to share some data collected from the full pool of MAP applications received this year. We believe this information, in the aggregate, tells an important story about the state of contemporary performance in the U.S. and beyond. Our aim is to use it to better understand the field’s areas of heat and energy, its needs, strengths, and challenges, and ultimately to be better advocates. While we want to be careful to create a streamlined, minimalist application, we also welcome your thoughts about new questions we could be asking to get a clearer, more relevant picture.

We hope you’ll have a look and respond with your thoughts!

We encourage you to send any additional questions or observations to mapinfo@mapfund.org.

The MAP Fund Staff


This year, MAP received 839 applications (last year, we received 938 applications). A cohort of reviewers — 53 artists and arts professionals across the country, nominated by MAP’s community — is currently evaluating those proposals. All applicants will be notified of Round One results by January 26, 2018. Read more about MAP’s review process here.

Of the 839 applications we received, 801 were eligible for this year’s grant cycle. The data gathered below is based on the eligible pool of 801 applications.


This year, we asked applicants to provide information about who was initiating and producing the project. 85% of the 2018 applications were artist-initiated, 13% of projects were initiated by institutions, and 2% were initiated by curators.


Applicants have the option to select one or more discipline identifications they would like their work to be reviewed under. 75% of the projects selected one discipline only (34% Theater, 27% Dance, and 14% Music). 21% of the projects identified two disciplines (9% Dance and Theater, 7% Music and Theater, 5% Dance and Music). 4% of the eligible applicants selected all three disciplines.


Primary contacts based in Washington D.C., 39 US states, and four international countries submitted proposals. A majority of the applications (52%) came from the Northeast region of the USA. 23% of the applications came from the West, 13% came from the Midwest, and 12% came from the South. *regions are according to the US Census Bureau

MAP States


This year, artists had the option to submit either their artist statements in either video or written format. 88% of the artists submitted written statements, and 12% submitted video statements.

As a reminder, all applicants will be notified of Round One review results by January 26, 2018. Thank you for your application!

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