In Response to Recent Events

In Response to Recent Events
07/15/2016 Kim Savarino

The MAP Fund is committed to anti-oppression work and supports Black Lives Matter.

We are listening. We are learning. We acknowledge and recognize the position of privilege we occupy as a funding body and as a white-led staff. We are open to your suggestions and feedback in efforts to deepen our accountability to our community.

We offer our support to our colleagues of color in every corner of our sector, and beyond.

We strongly affirm and adhere to the principles laid out in Racial Equity in Arts Philanthropy by Grantmakers in the Arts.

We understand that this work requires consistency, commitment and deep investment.

We recognize and support the organizations and individuals who have been doing anti-racism work for many years, including but not limited to:

To Act Now:

Consider Campaign Zero.

To Read Now:

Our colleagues at FABnyc have collected a stellar list of materials and organizations. Please check it out and contribute your thoughts.

Please reach out to if you have additions to the resources listed here.

With love,

Moira, Lauren, and Kim

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