WORLD PREMIERE | Sisters’ Follies: Between Two Worlds

WORLD PREMIERE | Sisters’ Follies: Between Two Worlds
09/29/2015 MAPstaff

Basil Twist‘s Sisters’ Follies: Between Two Worlds (MAP 2014) premieres October 1 at Abrons Arts Center!

Sisters’ Follies is an October ghost story and “spooktacular” musical extravaganza created by puppeteer and (recently announced!) MacArthur Fellow Basil Twist. Commissioned for the 100th Anniversary of the Abrons’ Playhouse, Sisters’ Follies celebrates the Playhouse’s founders Alice and Irene Lewison. From 1915-1928 they created a legacy of producing avant-garde performances and dance, a tradition that still lives on at the Abrons Arts Center. Legendary Downtown icons and Abrons favorites Joey Arias and Julie Atlas Muz come together as the spectral Lewison sisters, back from the grave to haunt the theater 100 years later. As ghost stories go, Sisters’ Follies is the ultimate revival: a homegrown event possessed by the sisters, the legacy they left behind, and way, way downtown dance.

Tickets and more information are available here.

Directed and Designed by Basil Twist, Lighting Design Poe Saegusa, Costume Design Machine Dazzle, Sound Design Akey, Projection Design Daniel Brodie, Production Stage Manager Neelam Vaswani, Thomas Wilfred “Clavilux” recreation by Joshua Light Show.

Performed by Joey Arias, Julie Atlas Muz, Kate Brehm, Jessica Scott, Ashley Winkfield, Chris De Ville, Lute Breuer, Katie Melby, Jonothon Lyons, Rachael Shane and David Ojala

Want to know more? Watch Twist talk about his work with puppetry and theater below:

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