Those Who Remain

Those Who Remain
04/28/2015 MAPstaff
Image by Nica Horvitz

Those Who Remain

I. Concerto for Orchestra and Improviser

Inspired by two poems by the iconic Northwest poet Richard Hugo, Concerto for Orchestra and Improviser is a two-movement composition for orchestra (Seattle Symphony) and improvising soloist (guitarist Bill Frisell). The piece will premiere on October 29th, 2015 at Benaroya Hall as part of the Sonic Evolution Series.

II. Concerto for Installation and Improviser

The second module of Those Who Remain is a multidisciplinary collaboration between Wayne Horvitz, Tokyo-based video artist and VJ Yohei Saito, and choreographer Yukio Suzuki.

Mr. Horvitz will further explore a conceptual approach he has utilized compositionally over the past five years – creating a new electronic score from recordings of his own traditionally notated compositions. In this instance, recordings of the Seattle Symphony performance will serve as generative samples.

Mr. Horvitz and Mr. Saito will collaborate on a sound/video installation that builds on Hugo’s vision of small town life, the fate of industrialization, and the West. At this juncture Mr. Suzuki will choreograph a series of dance solos that interact with the installation. Certain performances will feature live improvising soloists.

The installation will premiere at the Seattle Asian Art Museum with additional performances scheduled in Pt. Townsend, Spokane, Bellingham, and Gabriola Island, B.C. The group plans to present Concerto for Installation and Improviser in various small towns that Hugo wrote about in Montana. The piece will culminate with a two month residency at the New Media Gallery in New Westminster, B.C.


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