Buffer Overrun

Buffer Overrun
04/28/2015 MAPstaff

Buffer Overrun addresses information as a liquid and mobile force that tends to erode the importance of place.  It explores ways that bodies orient toward multiple, shifting centers, and wonders at the ramifications of this contemporary form of vertigo.

 The performance happens on an inclined plane, amplifying the dancers’ relationship to gravity and making their connection to the ground appear broken.   The choreography and sound incorporate phase shifting, slow motion, structures based on code, and spiral patterns derived from optical illusions.  In the midst of acceleration and overwhelm, Buffer Overrun marvels at human adaptability and contemplates patience as something revolutionary.

  • $15,000 to support Buffer Overrun (MAP 2015)
  • $5,868 to general operating support for Ginger Krebs
  • $3,500 to general operating support for Links Hall, Inc.


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