3/5 (Three Fifths)

3/5 (Three Fifths)
04/28/2015 MAPstaff
Graphic by Mike O'Reilly

3/5 (Three Fifths) is a new performance work conceived by James Scruggs, writer and performer of Disposable Men. It explores the residual effects of the seemingly dated, racially discriminatory 3/5 Compromise of 1787. This new work looks at the origin and trajectory of systematic genocide that has marked African American men from slavery through Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown etc., bringing its audience into palpable proximity to the source cause of this reoccurrence through performance, humor, music, theater and choreography, and 3LD‘s signature immersive media design.

3/5 explores the militarization of policemen and the demonization of the African American man. African American men were once considered property, less than human, were enslaved and regularly lynched by mobs who “feared for their lives.” Today unarmed African American men are targeted, stopped, frisked and regularly shot by militarized policemen who “fear for their lives.” Using media and live performance in several spaces totaling over 10,000 square feet of 3LD Art & Technology Center, we will expose the dysfunctional relationship between men of color and men in blue.

  • $28,000 to support 3/5 (MAP 2015)
  • $4,684 to general operating support for 3-Legged Dog, Inc.



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