“SHORE” to land in Lenapehoking (NYC)

“SHORE” to land in Lenapehoking (NYC)
04/18/2015 MAPstaff

Emily Johnson / Catalyst Dance‘s SHORE is the third in a trilogy of works that began with the New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” award-winning The Thank-you Bar and continued with the ten-city tour of Niicugni.

SHORE expands beyond the theater into the world. Over the course of a week, SHORE includes four equal parts: COMMUNITY ACTION (volunteerism) in partnership with community organizations; STORY (a curated reading); PERFORMANCE that begins outdoors and moves into the theater; and a festive, culminating potluck FEAST to which participants bring the stories and recipes of the dishes they bring to share.

From Emily Johnson: “‘SHORE’ moves—over the course of a week—from the dunes in the Rockaways, to the East River estuary, onto and into New York Harbour, over Minetta Creek, to the banks and bouancy of Newtown Creek. There are so many ways to participate in ‘SHORE’—and you should probably come to them all!”

New York Live Arts’ website has ticket and event information on Johnson’s 2013 MAP Funded project.

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