WORLD PREMIERE of “Ludic Proxy”

WORLD PREMIERE of “Ludic Proxy”
04/02/2015 MAPstaff
Ludic Proxy

Ludic Proxy is a new play by Aya Ogawa, a haunting and magical piece that pulls you into uncharted territory where memory, fantasy and virtual reality swirl together. The play is multi-lingual and multi-media, exploring the tenuous line between memory, reality and fantasy through narratives that unfold within an immersive theatrical landscape. Three intertwining stories, from the past, present and future, tap into our deepest impressions of living in tumultuous times as nature and technology evolve out of our control, and explore the eternal drive for human connection.

Ludic Proxy premieres on April 1 at The Play Company in New York, NY. Tickets and more information are available here.

The Play Company for Aya Ogawa received a 2013 MAP grant for this project.

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