1[-1] (MAP 2019)



1[-1] is a project of Ana Sanchez-Colberg developed within the BoxoPROJECTS residency in Joshua Tree, CA. The project focuses on migratory histories in the Southwest desert, with a focus on the Latinx community whose identity is marked by migrations and “crossing” through the desert. The crossing (whether literal or metaphoric) is one from “inhospitable” conditions towards more “hospitable” ones. The Latinx community is 25% of the Joshua Tree area’s population yet remains underrepresented in its cultural expressions. The project will invite participation from Latinx women over fifty (same age group as the artist) to celebrate the activities of work through which they transform the “inhospitable” to “hospitable.” It will seek to redress attitudes that see members of this community as “invaders,” to remind all that they have been central in giving “life” to the region.

The performance develops the idea of “crossings” in three interrelated strands: a live-dance event (outdoors), an outdoor installation (the site for the dance), and a video indoor installation (an archive where the public can engage with the processes out of which the piece emerged).

All strands are participatory with the aim to explore new modes of engaging the audience with processes of art-making.


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