About the Grant

$20,000 to support the development and production of figures on a field (MAP 2003), a mutlimedia performance installation by choreographer and videographer Dean Moss and visual artist Laylah Ali.

About the Project

figures on a field a project by dance and video artist Dean Moss with visual artist Laylah Ali is an multidisciplinary performance installation exploring the consumption of art and power through the “ staging” of Ali’s provocative “Greenhead” paintings and the museum environment in which they are exhibited. This is accomplished through the simultaneous presentation of two activities: "the performance" and a docent led tour of "the performance".

"The performance" is a series of scenes based on Ali’s “Greenhead” figures that form a loose narrative. The narrative follows the actor/dancers as they contemplate and participate in hierarchical power struggles reflective of sports, politics, religion and the military. The running time of "the performance" is approximately forty minutes. The entire work is approximately fifty minutes.

The tour begins with the docent contacting a limited number of audience members in the lobby before "the performance". She signs them up for a narrated tour of the piece in exchange for a small fee. During "the performance" this group is invited to leave their seats and be guided through an active section of "the performance". On stage they wind through the scenes, and are delivered to specific locations for viewing and photo opportunities at specific times. Speaking only to the group, the docent “annotates” the work, interspersing statements on experimental performance with more immediate experiential asides. The tour of "the performance" lasts approximately twenty minutes.

Original Cast:
Kacie Chang, Keila Cordova, Pedro Jimenez, Wanjiru Kamuyu, Okwui
Okopokwasili, David Thomson, and Dean Moss

Marcel Duchamp, MEXI, Nguyen van Coung

Lighting and Technical Direction:
Jonathan Belcher

Scene Development:
Laylah Ali, Dean Moss

Choreography, Audio/Video & Visual Design:
Dean Moss

50 minutes

Major support has been provided by the Multi-Arts Production Fund, a subsidiary of The Rockefeller Foundation. figures on a field is
co-commissioned by The Kitchen, with additional support from William’s College and the Individual Artists Fund of the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency. This project has received initial workshop and presentation support from residency programs of The Kitchen and MassMoca. figures on a field is a production of Gametophyte Inc.

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