About the Grant

$20,000 to support Chronic (MAP 2015)
$4,684 to general operating support for Queer Cultural Center

About the Project

Chronic*, an afro punk contradiction, features an all Black cast. The dance-with-live-music is inspired by anti-assimilationist tendencies in African American culture. Responding to personal experiences and structural critique of anti-black violence, the work attempts various experiments in critical race dialogue, disagreement, negotiation, and collaboration. We hope to disrupt the universal/diversity approach to prioritize an under-commons where an experiment in Black and African American counter narratives can emerge. Recognizing the unnecessary stress and precarity of certain styles of (neoliberal) artistic production, we will reconsider care, healing under the influence of pessimism, DIY, punk, and queer. The performance premiers at the National Queer Arts Festival, June 2016, in a coproduction of Keith Hennessy's Circo Zero and San Francisco's Queer Cultural Center. (*The name of the piece is likely to change.)

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