About the Grant

$23,000 to support A Body in Places (MAP 2015)
$4,684 to general operating support for Inta, Inc.

About the Project

Eiko’s first solo project, A Body in Places, and her ongoing media work, A Body in Fukushima, will together evolve into a “living” inter-disciplinary museum/gallery installation that explores how a performer and viewer endure each other's gaze. She will examine the threshold between intimacy and awkwardness while quietly sharing her despair and survival in an unadorned non-theatrical space. She will use media works as a part of the environment, offering her travelogue through places and the themes that connect such places. Eiko’s frail body is the conduit that connects her itinerant performing self with images of Eiko dancing in ruined landscapes. (These photographs were shot by William Johnston during several visits to Fukushima Prefecture, the area in Japan decimated by the triple 2011 disaster—earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plant meltdown.) The contrast between Eiko’s fragile vitality and the haunting desolation of abandoned cities detonates in the observer’s mind, evoking images of what can be wrought by human greed and heedlessness.

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