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$38,000 to support Made in China (MAP 2014)
$5,000 to general operating expenses for Wakka Wakka Productions

About the Project

Made in China will be a dark musical comedy about the complicated relationship between the U.S. and China, specifically related to the production and consumption of goods, examined through the lens of an unlikely relationship between an eccentric middle-aged American woman and her Chinese ex-pat neighbor. It will feature over 30 puppets and masks, 7 puppeteers, 3 musicians performing music inspired by both American and Chinese folk traditions, and animated video.

Over-consuming and the Internet are some of the ways our Midwestern heroine treats her symptoms of solitude and isolation. One night, she opens new Halloween lights from a big-box store and discovers a scrawled “cry for help” note from a woman in a Chinese labor camp. A new chapter in her life begins. She finds purpose in activism. She creates an anti-made-in-China video blog, and surprisingly has many followers. She fights for domestic, ethical manufacturing. But strange things begin to happen. Her computer acts up. Her blog has issues. Her dog disappears. A Chinese ex-pat suddenly buys the abandoned house next door. One day the power goes out, her phone dies and her computer starts speaking Chinese. Someone is watching. They are coming. The invasion has begun...

Inspired by true events, Made in China will delve into questions of greed, capitalism, ethical manufacturing, secrecy, paranoia, and perceived/projected realities. Through the relationship that develops between the two main characters, the piece will confront our own complicity as individuals in today’s global network of supply and demand.

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