About the Grant

$40,000 to support Vine of the Dead (MAP 2014)
$3,500 to general operating expenses for Jim Findlay
$2,500 to general operating expenses for The Collapsible Giraffe

About the Project

Vine of the Dead is a visual art performance that attempts to communicate across the divide between life and death while investigating the place and meaning of ritual in the 21st century. The work consists of three nested elements, two of them simultaneous and dependent live performance events and a subsequent third element - a dual channel video projection installation that functions as a ghost trace of the event in the space where it occurred.

Vine of the Dead is created, directed, designed, and performed by Jim Findlay with collaborators Ryan Holsopple (visual, interactive co-designer and performer), Jeff Jackson (automatic writing), Susan Oetgen (performer/advisor), and Joel Bassin (producer). Other collaborating artists will join the project as it develops.

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