About the Grant

$32,000 to support ZERO ONE (MAP 2014)
$3,500 to general operating expenses for Yasuko Yokoshi

About the Project

ZERO ONE is Yokoshi’s newest foray into an ever-deepening investigation of culture and identity. The piece intertwines film, dance, and dialogue in an exploration of duality--western and eastern, past and present, traditional and contemporary. Yokoshi juxtaposes clips from her documentary film on Hangman Takuzo, a performance artist who hangs himself daily in his garden, with fluid choreography performed on stage by identical twins Manami and Sawami Fukuoka, representing “self” and “other,” themselves a manifestation of dual identity. The result is two worlds, separate yet similar--one live and one on screen, that together evoke a visual and visceral reaction to our own physicality, the (literal and metaphorical) space between life and death, and the very nature of existence.

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