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$40,000 to support johnbrown (MAP 2014)
$5,000 to general operating expenses for Gametophyte, Inc.

About the Project

johnbrown is a multidisciplinary meditation on the legacy of controversial white abolitionist John Brown, directed by choreographer/video artist Dean Moss. Drawing on a deep interest in the history of the man and his actions, an impassioned interview of Moss’ father on the elder’s civil rights experience, and framed with the assistance of unaffected teenaged participants, johnbrown presents a layered generational perspective on the legacy of the radical activist. This evening length dance/performance project will premiere at The Kitchen October 16-25, 2014, marking the 155th anniversary to the day, of John Brown’s assault on Harper’s Ferry and the 150th anniversary of the Thirteenth Amendment: America’s abolishment of slavery.

The evening length johnbrown will run approximately 80 minutes and feature a core cast of six performers (including the choreographer). It will integrate a number of young participants, both onstage and off, as production/technical assistants, video documentarians, and performer/audience doppelgängers. The work will also feature a short provocative screenplay written by Thomas Bradshaw; Lighting Design by Vincent Vigilante; Sound Score from composer Stephen Vitiello; Live Music by pop composer/performer Julia Cumming; Recorded Music from the acclaimed Carolina Chocolate Drops, and Costumes by celebrated designer Roxana Ramseur.

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