About the Grant

$20,000 to support Doggie Hamlet (MAP 2014)
$3,500 to general operating expenses for Ann Carlson
$2,500 to general operating expenses for Fractured Atlas, Inc.

About the Project

Doggie Hamlet is a site-specific performance spectacle in the early stages of development. It is performed by four (human) performers, a herding dog, a flock of sheep and a live chamber orchestra. Performed in a lush green meadow, this interdisciplinary work combines contemporary dance and theatrical elements, classic narrative structure, and borrows aspects from competitive sheep herding trials. This 80 minute work borrows from Shakespeare’s tragedy, while mining the territory of human and non-human relationships, and exploring instinct, memory, family and the impact of the shadow self.

Doggie Hamlet will be developed to occur outdoors or inside a theater/warehouse. Outdoors, it will be performed within a large meadow enclosed by a fence; the spectator sits on risers just outside the fence, much like at a rodeo or a parade. In the meadow is a herd of sheep that are moved about by a black and white herding dog. The movement of the dog and sheep are in dynamic counterpoint to the human performers, whose choreography alternates between full-bodied action and stillness, small specific gesture and full bodied actions of affection, proximity, longing, explosion, or calm. The movement of the dog and sheep is quick and full of stopping and starting, it occurs in big short bursts followed by periods of restful alertness. With the bright green grass, the dirty beige of the sheep, the black and white of the dog, the visuals of Doggie Hamlet recall the bucolic impression of a Norman Rockwell painting.

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