About the Grant

$33,000 to support Predator Songstress: Dictator (MAP 2014)
$3,500 to general operating expenses for Joshua Kohl and Haruko Nishimura
$2,500 to general operating expenses for Circuit Network

About the Project

Predator Songstress is a series of portraits of imagined iconic women inspired by history, myth and the imagination. These portraits are immersive experiences meshing live music, dance, video portraiture, animation and architectural installation with an aesthetic inspired by punk, comics, cinema, nightmares and fairy tales. We will be creating our third portrait, The Dictator, attempting to subvert the expected iconic image of a dictator with one that is seeking deeper human truths through surveillance and interrogation - harnessing a fleet of singing drones, an interrogation game show and a series of face to face confrontations with the audience, aiming to divine the secret inner workings of people’s tendencies towards either complacency or action in their daily lives.

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