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$40,000 to support Nogales (MAP 2014)

About the Project

In 2013, a teenage Mexican boy named José Antonio Elena Rodríguez was fatally shot by the United States Border Patrol across the US/Mexico border at Nogales. Nogales is a new play by Richard Montoya and Sean San José, with Visual Design by Joan Osato. The work aims its cross hairs below the surface and beyond the devastating headlines – to map the bullets – to trace them in reverse across separating lines – to fully understand and humanize all the “players” entrapped in our endless “Tragic-comic Theater of the Border”.

As an expansion of the conceptual framework used in their previous works The River and Califas, the artists are creating an immersive platform for the play that includes a state-wide community engagement project, film, media, and installation. Using residency opportunities at ASU School of Film, Dance and Theatre, and its Performance in the Borderlands Initiative, the artists will further research and interview people on the Border to develop the play, while creating rich opportunities for artists, communities, students and individuals to collaborate, interact, and participate. The play is slated for premier in late Spring 2015 at Borderlands Theater in Tucson, as well as performances and interventions at sites throughout the state before mounting a national tour.

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