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$25,000 to support Men-Jaro (MAP 2005), a full-evening dance work created by choreographer Vincent Mantsoe in collaboration with the Traditional African Orchestra, which investigates and strengthens the friendship between modern African dance and traditional African music.

About the Project

In Men-Jaro, Vincent Mantsoe and South African composer Anthony Caplan have joined forces to explore contemporary forms of African dance and music rooted in traditional styles. In working together they are celebrating the marriage of these two artistic forms – one that has always existed in traditional African dance and music but has been lost as the two art forms have evolved separately.

The work features an international ensemble of five dancers hailing from South Africa, the U.S., Japan and France and five to six musicians from the Traditional African Orchestra (TAO) performing an original score. The TAO is South Africa’s first professional orchestra playing only indigenous instruments. The instruments featured in Men-Jaro will include a female vocalist singing in the Umngqokolo style (overtone singing particular to the Xhosa community) as well as the mbira (thumb piano), the phalaphala (kudu horn), ixilongo (flutes made from the Umhlehli tree), drums, shakers and clappers and the uhadi bow harp.

Though Men-Jaro is rooted in South African traditions; it will draw on the unique heritage of each of the dancers with whom Mantsoe has had a long relationship through other projects; and Mantsoe himself has been deeply immersed in their respective cultures.

Men-Jaro will premiere in South Africa at the FNB Dance Umbrella March 4-5, 2006 and will tour in North America in Winter/Spring 2007.
Choreographer Vincent Mantsoe
Choreographer Vincent Mantsoe


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