About the Grant

$35,000 to support PREMIERE (MAP 2013)
$3,500 to general operating expenses for Maria Hassabi
$2,500 to general operating expenses for New York Foundation for the Arts

About the Project

Maria Hassabi’s new work PREMIERE explores the concept behind its title. The first performance, a premiere marks the transition every work undergoes, moving from a private to a public event, to be validated as completed art product. In its evolution from process into product, strong feelings of anticipation emerge as a new element is added: the audience, as viewer and critic. Inevitably, this anticipation, which is at once exciting and unnerving, is only negotiated through the materialization of this public event. PREMIERE will open at The Kitchen, NYC in November 2013 as part of Performa 13, bringing together a diverse team of artists: performers Andros-Zins Browne, Hristoula Harakas, Paige Martin, Robert Steijn, and Hassabi, sound-designer Alex Waterman, and visual artist/dramaturg Scott Lyall.

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