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$30,000 to support Ludic Proxy (MAP 2013)
$5,000 to general operating expenses for The Play Company

About the Project

Video game graphics have achieved such a jaw-dropping likeness to reality that an avid player of Grand Theft Auto Vice City might arrive in Miami and experience a sensation of déjà vu, although he has never been there before. This phenomenon is called “ludic proxy.”

How is the increasing amount of time spent peering into video screens affecting the way individuals walk through the real world? Writer-director Aya Ogawa's Ludic Proxy is a multi-lingual, multi-media play exploring the culture of gaming, video simulation and technology, which has become so ubiquitous that it transcends nation, language, and custom. The piece explores the tenuous line between reality and fantasy through interweaving narratives that unfold within an immersive theatrical landscape: Relatives of a pregnant woman living in Fukushima urge her to evacuate. Instead she purchases a dosimeter to evaluate the radiation risk herself. A woman becomes obsessed with a video game when she recognizes its setting as her hometown Pripyat, abandoned after the Chernobyl crisis. Influenced by a video game, a man joins the army where he trains on simulators, then returns from combat to treat his PTSD with game therapy.

Ludic Proxy is commissioned by The Play Company and is slated for production in Spring 2014.

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