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$35,000 to support John Jasperse and Zeena Parkins' Prone (MAP 2004), a work designed to impair the audience’s unobstructed view of the choreographic field.

About the Project

Prone (working-title) is a new evening-length work for three dancers, choreographed by John Jasperse with a commissioned score by composer Zeena Parkins. In the development of the work Jasperse poses: What constitutes engagement on the part of an audience member? How does one create a structure, which implicates the audience experientially as an integral part in the phenomenon of exchange, within the frame of a dance performance?

Prone will take place within an environment specifically designed to both impair the unobstructed vision of the entire choreographic field and to offer an unusual or unconventional vantage point from which to view the dance. It will be performed in a space co-habitated by the public and the dancers within an installation environment.

Prone offers an exciting opportunity for John Jasperse and Zeena Parkins to work together again after many years. Their shared interest in both precisely written composition as well as improvisational investigations in both process and performance form make them an especially interesting collaborative pair. Parkins will perform live on acoustic and electric harps with pre-recorded components presented in a quadraphonic environment, creating a sonic environment that blurs the boundaries between a private and public listening experience within the context of a dance performance.

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