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$25,000 to support The Gathering (MAP 2013)
$5,000 to general operating support for Northrup

About the Project

Northrop and choreographer Emily Johnson (Yup’ik) are launching a long-term engagement residency and performance event that creates greater contemporary dance participation in Minnesota’s Native communities. The project’s genesis is the creation of SHORE, Johnson’s newest work, which Northrop is commissioning. SHORE is the third in a trilogy, including The Thank-You Bar (2010) and Niicugni (2012). Successful community engagement associated with these projects led to the development of a larger framework for SHORE, which Johnson is calling The Gathering. The Gathering will serve as the incubator for her residency work, enabling experimentation with new engagement theories and practices.

The Gathering blends the sense of traditional and contemporary, generating new ideas about community gathering and performance. SHORE, which will be embedded in the larger framework of The Gathering, will be a dance performance/installation, featuring components central to Johnson’s work, including feasting, volunteerism, and storytelling. Planned as a multi-day, location-specific piece, audiences will be able to choose to attend once or several times over the duration of the project as participants or observers. The performance will consist of four sections: 2) Feast, a meal with community members centered on the act of gathering; 2) Performance, a site-specific, indoor/outdoor dance presentation featuring dancers and community participants; 3) Volunteerism, a day of communal service-oriented volunteer activities; and 4) Storytelling, an evening of curated community stories and poems. During the months leading up to the premiere, Native community members will be invited by Johnson to be co-creators of—and active participants in—these performance components.

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