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$35,000 to support The Clay Duke (MAP 2013)
$5,000 to general operating expenses for On the Boards

About the Project

The Clay Duke is a devised dance-theater work by Dayna Hanson that blends details of a 2010 school board shooting in Panama City, FL with studies of Chekhovian suicide and the vigilantism of the “Death Wish” crime thriller films of the 1970s that made Charles Bronson a cultural hero. These dissonant sources provide a potent dramaturgical framework for idiosyncratic choreography, live folly, a score for guitar, piano and vintage synthesizer and an ongoing competition amongst the 6-person cast for best Bronson impersonation. Zooming in on a personally bankrupt man whose warped logic impels him to seek vengeance for his hardships, The Clay Duke uses its own peculiar performance logic to find hope in a horrific story while exploring the complex connections between guns and mental health.

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