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$37,000 to support the quartet (MAP 2013)
$5,000 to general operating expenses for On the Boards

About the Project

the quartet is a durational, contemporary performance created by Heather Kravas for dancers Oren Barnoy, Cecilia Eliceche, Liz Santoro and Robert Tyree. A post-hierarchical investigation inspired by the concentration and implications of self-identifying communities, it is a choreography for four dancers who manifest four dances. Comprised by an abstract ballet, a protracted cheerleading routine, a Constructivist-inspired manifesto and a laborious folk dance, the work utilizes and undermines the clichés of contemporary performance practice to examine the underlying passions that guide its creation and constructors.

The four dances stress specific methods where the group must act in collaboration to create systems. These structures operate like parts of a machine – useless alone, proficient when unified. At other moments, abstraction prevails with patterns made apparent through repetition and duplication. It is an investigation of the implications of group identity: How do disparate beings become one faction? What is the nature of exclusion and opposition? What defines us as individuals and as communities, and how do we create those classifications? By working together, expressing the essence of each component, the dancers demonstrate how systems are the products of groups working together. Their dancing renders known qualities of form weird and unrecognizable. While subsumed by formalism, these performers are also its discernible creators - not made to perform by the invisible hand of the choreographer, but manifesting their dance through their bodies working as a body.

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