About the Grant

$40,000 to support Donna Uchizono and Wendy Winters' Hug (MAP 2004), a work for five dancers examining concepts of both physical and virtual reality, posing questions about the need for true and real contact.

About the Project

Hug (working title) is a new work for five dancers by Bessie-award winning choreographer Donna Uchizono. The work poses provocative questions about the need for true, real contact in the context of today’s obsession with virtual reality. Inspired by Uchizono witnessing an Indian spiritual guide named Ammachi hug over 5,000 people from 6pm one night to 10am the next morning, Hug addresses this profound experience of people‚s need for true and real contact. As a springboard for material, the work plays with ideas of displaced spaces, virtual communication, and the fascination with reality shows. Uchizono will juxtapose these themes with viscerally powerful, physical dancing, as well as the emotional power of physical intimacy.

On entering the theater, each audience member receives a hug from one of the dancers, the choreographer, an usher or presenter. As they are seated they will be able to view on stage a live video of the audience members behind them being hugged. The video screen will appear on and off the stage, allowing the audience access to “private” regions of the space as they simultaneously watch the piece unfold in the “public” areas of the space. Uchizono may also invite audience participation by conducting private interviews between audience members and the dancers, which will subsequently be viewed.

Hug will incorporate an original soundscore by composer Guy Yarden, as well as collaboration Wendy Winters (Set Design), Stan Pressner (Lighting Design), and the five dancers of DUC. Hug will be available for touring beginning June 2005.

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