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$30,000 to support rite riot (MAP 2013)
$5,000 to general operating expenses for French Institute Alliance Française

About the Project

rite riot is a two-part work by Nora Chipaumire commissioned by Crossing the Line festival. It has its genesis in Nora's fascination with the musical and choreographic collaboration of Stravinsky and Nijinsky for The Rite of Spring, the role it played in the European art movement known as Primitivism, and the exploration of the notion of sacrificial offering. In this centenary year of the original Rite of Spring, Chipaumire’s rite riot will explore contemporary demands for sacrifice by/in various elements of society, with a focus on challenging the colonial perspective of the original work and the assumptions of age, social status, and vulnerability that defined the sacrificial victim. A solo version will premiere during FIAF's Fall 2013 Crossing the Line Festival. A group version of the work will premiere at Crossing the Line 2014.

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