About the Grant

$20,000 to support PowerUP (MAP 2013)
$5,000 to general operating expenses for Forklift Danceworks

About the Project

Rooted in a two-year creative partnership with the City of Austin's municipal power company, PowerUP will be a grand civic spectacle that fuses Allison Orr’s 14 years of ethnographic choreography with the high risk and skill required of electric linemen. Featuring 30+ City of Austin municipal linemen as the exclusive performers, an original score by Graham Reynolds, and an orchestra led by Austin Symphony Conductor Peter Bay, the performance will weave together choreographed movement, documented interviews, a set of 20 utility poles, a networked electrical grid controlled by the performers, repair vehicles, high wire risks, and 5000+ audience members, drawing attention to the inherent beauty and artistry in a lineman’s everyday work.

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