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$15,000 to support Adult (MAP 2013)
$3,500 to general operating expenses for Laura Arrington and Jesse Hewit
$2,500 to general operating expenses for CounterPULSE

About the Project

Adult is a collaboration between Laura Arrington and Jesse Hewit, who are grown up friends. Adult will consider the possibility of subverting the pervasive experience of the duet. Through amplifying physical and psychological differences in their qualities of self, they occupy a sticky and intimate relationship; one that maintains a diligence for receiving and expressing their most basic, urgent, and play-based impulses. Within this focus, their main consideration is death, and they create two distinct fantasies of sorts.

Accordingly, Adult is a work in two acts. Arrington and Hewit break the work into two seemingly disparate sections, guided by the essentialized qualities of light and dark. Act one is the dark/mother/participatory/water/liver/warm/monster/dull/ living act of dying. Act two is the light/father/intellect/lungs/verbal/sharp/monster/dying act of living. There is a funeral, and then there is a killing.

The dancing is about the work or love that happens at the end of things; about a witnessed failure to live life to its “fullest extent”; the exhausted and atrophying monster, and digging around in grey. Much of the research will question what responses occur in relation to bodies that are either participating in extreme use, or bodies that are dead, thus allowing narrative and meaning to be created in lieu of them.

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