About the Grant

$30,000 to support The Fre (MAP 2013)
$5,000 to general operating expenses for Children's Theatre Company

About the Project

Children’s Theatre Company has commissioned performance artist Taylor Mac to create The Fre, a queer love story for multigenerational audiences that draws on Old Comedy conventions to question accepted notions of what it means to behave “correctly”—sexually, morally and intellectually. Set in a mud pit, The Fre offers both performers and audience members the opportunity to abandon abstract, idealistic pursuits and reclaim their humanity and happiness by literally and figuratively wallowing in the mud.

As a queer story and a celebration of the range of human experience, The Fre will combine multiple language and performance modes to create a wildly theatrical, funny, and unexpected experience for audiences. Mixing rhyming couplets and Old Comedy forms with the language of modern teenagers, The Fre offers two distinct theatrical experiences for the audience. Teens and adults will experience the play as both audience and participants, while younger children will participate as performers on stage. Younger children will arrive early to the theater to learn a simple song and staging, which they will perform, dressed as frogs, during the show. Participation by other audience members will be invited, not forced, but each audience member will have the opportunity to be part of the story as it unfolds. Some will don frog costumes. Some will sing badly. Some will lose an argument. Everyone will get really, really muddy.

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