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$35,000 to support ALAN SMITHEE DIRECTED THIS PLAY (MAP 2013)
$5,000 to general operating expenses for Big Dance Theater

About the Project

ALAN SMITHEE DIRECTED THIS PLAY is a new dance/theater triptych co-conceived by Paul Lazar and Annie-B Parson in collaboration with video designer Jeff Larson, in which the Company continues to simultaneously employ techniques of narrative abstraction and hyper-narration through choreographic, video, aural and textual fragmentation.

“ALAN Smithee” was the pseudonym used by the Directors Guild of America when a director, dissatisfied with the final product, signaled to the Guild panel that he or she had not been able to exercise creative control over a film. In keeping with this idea of taking movies in the “wrong” direction, Big Dance Theater’s ALAN SMITHEE DIRECTED THIS PLAY mines three iconic films (Terms of Endearment, Le Cercle Rouge, and Doctor Zhivago) as adaptive frames, each departing from their original intent, and dissected as sources for movement scores and abstracted text in an effort to highlight the distinctive emotionality and theatricality of live performance.

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