About the Grant

$22,000 to support Ruff (MAP 2012), a musical tribute created and performed by Peggy Shaw dedicating to the new creative space formed in her brain after suffering a stroke in January 2011.

About the Project

In a humorous take on surviving a stroke, Shaw will throw off the mantle of who she is and has always been and take advantage of this opportunity to blame the stoke for her behavior. Shaw will appropriate found text from old entertainment, create original text from her complex relationship to the loss and the privilege of youth and look for the hybridization of the old and new in sound, graphic design and music.

Ruff will explore how other people view someone who has had a stroke, what it means to age as a “mature gentleman” in contrast to the stereotypical ways in which older women are usually referred to at her age and re-imagine the role of a grandmother. By exploring her memory, Shaw will resurrect old ghosts, recall stories of her family and investigate the possibility of what is found when delicate memory is confronted with a stroke. Ruff follows in a series of solo work by Shaw that intimately address issues of queerness and aging directly tied to the history of her flesh. It is a project that will honour those who resist the stigma of age and still engage in the act of creating something new.



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