About the Grant

$42,000 to support Ecology of Image of Body (MAP 2012), a new dance performance work by Koosil-ja Hwang.

About the Project

Ecology of Image of Body is a dance project that incorporates neuroscience research, three-dimensional computer models, technology that trans-codes brain data, video, sound, and installation. It consists of two complete hour-long works: One is an abstract dance that uses body, movement, and various images of the body generated by brainwave data, while the other is a lecture performance that breaks down the elements of the work. Through this diptych work, Dansology reexamines the questions “What is existence?” and “What is the limit of body within the context of diverse contemporary social environments?”

Dansology believes that digital technology is an extension of man. Following the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze’s work, this project searches out new forms of knowledge and applies it to dance making. The analytical and creative eye unfolds in the background of visual and physical expression. The project is the constant repetition of theoretical inquiries and practices on image, body, and being on stage.
The project is supported by acreative residency at MANCC at The Florida State University in Tallahassee,Florida, in Spring 2013 and presented by Wooster Group at Performing Garage in2013–14.
The collaborating artists includedancers Melissa F. Guerrero and Elise Knudson; brainwave trans-codingprogrammer and composer Geoff Matters; interactive programmer Robert Ramirez; three-dimensionalmodel creator Janelle Miau; and Koosil-ja.

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