About the Grant

$35,000 to support This Lingering Life (MAP 2012), a new play by New York–based playwright Chiori Miyagawa.

About the Project

San Francisco–based Theatre of Yugen will build upon its signature style of classic Japanese Noh fusion to develop and present the world premiere of This Lingering Life by New York–based playwright Chiori Miyagawa. Conceived as Eight Noh Plays in Two American Acts, this ingenious new play retells eight ancient Japanese stories—capturing their essence while transforming and interweaving them into one epic portrait of the human experience.

A new kind of play that is distinctly contemporary and Western, it has the intensity of the classical Japanese drama at its root. A battle is fought on a shore, a crazy woman looks for her kidnapped son at a bus station, a father and son have a falling out that results in the son’s becoming blind and homeless, a poor old man falls in love with a wealthy young girl and commits suicide, and life goes on—with people bumping into one another, before and after death, and in between. It is a tragicomedy about eternal human attachments.
Theatre of Yugen artistic director Jubilith Moore will direct, and laptop composer, music improviser, and music theorist Michael Gardiner will compose. With its solid foundation in traditional Japanese performance techniques and concomitant commitment to theatrical innovation, Theatre of Yugen demonstrates the legitimacy of experiments that give equal honor to form and content, heritage, and the leading edge.

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