About the Grant

$42,000 Juarez: A Documentary Mythology (MAP 2012), a new multimedia theater piece created by Theater Mitu in collaboration with citizens of Juárez, and director Rubén Polendo.

About the Project

As the model of post-national, global capital continues to advance, one city—Ciudad Juárez— has become the murder capitol of the world. Drawn by the vortex of questions within and around Juárez, Theater Mitu travels to this borderland to create a piece with and about its citizens, in exploration of and collaboration with their memories and hopes. 

In creating what they have deemed a “documentary mythology,” Mitu will attend to this landscape as both artists and documentarians—through two distinct but overlapping processes. The company will create a journalistically influenced documentary of place, which will be the research-oriented, fact-based aspect of the project. Additionally, they will be mapping its ongoing mythologies, using dreamscape, music, folktale, and bar-stool narrative in El Paso-Juárez.
Led by Theater Mitu’s Juárez-born artistic director, Rubén Polendo, the company will also explore the rich and influential history of cinematic traditions in Mexico, pulling from the dramatically heroic narratives of the 1940s “golden age” of Mexican cinema.Theater Mitu will engage these films rigorously physical and boldly aesthetic vocabulary (following their every jerky move) to underwrite the physical score for the piece.
Mirroring the language of the golden age of Mexican cinema will provide musculature to the idea of myth making in a culture. The culmination of this research activity and these ideas will be a large-scale production to premiere in El Paso-Juárez and the American Southwest before traveling to New York, New York, and entering into Theater Mitu's international performance repertoire.

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