About the Grant

$25,000 to support One with Others (MAP 2012), a new dance/performance piece by Karen Sherman.

About the Project

One with Others draws on and distorts biography, communication, self-determination, and desire. It uses choreography and text (spoken, recorded, projected, written-live) to consider legacy, what we hand down to one another, force upon each other or lure each other into.

It takes inspiration in form and content from writing and writers—the trustees of so much biography—and exploits dancers as possibly untrustworthy revelators of private and public selves. It acknowledges that, while dance and language are taught to us by others, they become powerful ways for us to declare individuality in the world. One with Others both underscores and destroys this individuality by repurposing the body with crude, wearable wood and hardware appendages. These appendages—at once costume, body part, prop, prosthetic, enhancer, and inhibitor—recreate and ruin the dancer over and over, building toward a desperate, visual language all their own.

Created in collaboration with the performers, the project also enlists select writers and visual designers to serve as collaborators, dramaturgs and ghostwriters of action. It is being developed through support from Studio 206 (Minneapolis, MN), Vermont Performance Lab (Guilford, VT), Dance Place (Washington, D.C.), The Red Eye Theater (Minneapolis, MN), and The Jerome Foundation.

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