About the Grant

$27,000 to support Field Guide (MAP 2012), a new collaborative performance piece by Rude Mechs.

About the Project

Field Guide can be imagined as an evening of physical performance presenting radical interpretations of our collective’s individual daily experience, then attempting to turn those moments into art—all while addressing oneof the oldest questions: how best to live?

As we expose the gap between process and product in our daily lives, we will compose the Field Guide using simple exercises applied to normal daily routines, such as how best to wake up, new ways to bathe, alternative arrangements for eating, exercises in free-speech, radical approaches to transportation, and so on. The audience will then see simple tasks like hitting the snooze button, crossing the street to work, kissing a friend, listening to a song on the radio, and trying to fall asleep at night as opportunities to engage with our deepest beliefs and most outrageous ambitions.

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