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$45,000 to support (project) Moseses Project (MAP 2012), a new full-length dance performance Reggie Wilson/Fist and Heel Performance Group.

About the Project

(project) Moseses Project, the new work by Reggie Wilson and the Fist and Heel Performance Group, is a full-length dance performance that looks at how we lead and why we follow. Grounded in Wilson’s exploratory travels to Israel, Egypt, Turkey, and Mali, (project) Moseses Project examines the migration of people and culture from Africa out into the world and focuses on the effects migration has on beliefs.

Wilson creates a dance and multidisciplinary performance, which often articulates the intricate relationship individuals and communities have to ritual, to their bodies, and to their culture. His last work, The Good Dance-dakar/brooklyn (2009) abstractly traces the migration routes of his family along the Mississippi River from the Delta North to Milwaukee. The Good Dance sketched the horrors, commonalities, dissimilarities, abundance, and beauty of life and travel along the great Mississippi and the Congo Rivers. Investigating human migration routes lead Wilson to the question, “Who was and is Moses?”
To deepen and support his research for this project, Wilson is working with Susan Manning as project dramaturge. Wilson’s desire is to provide limited public access to the research,thereby creating a circuit of information, or a recursive loop that encourages critical response. The hope is that this work will be part of the dialogue and ongoing investigation on how much of what came out of Africa affected and influenced world evolution. Wilson’s research for (project) Moseses Project has landed on the intersection of the origins of monotheism and African cultures.    

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