About the Grant

$20,000 to support No Hotel (MAP 2012), a new multi-media opera by Object Collection in collaboration with Daniel Kötter.   

About the Project

No Hotel is an experimental opera performed simultaneously alongside a pre-produced video of a hotel exterior. It is a project that bridges music, theater, video, performance, and installation.

A hotel is a suspension and simulation of life. It is a location where an individual’s tastes and eccentricities become subsumed within a uniform aesthetic. It is a bedroom for commerce. It is a place where everyday living has no consequence: you don’t need to clean up after yourself, take out the trash, or worry about bothering your neighbors. A theater is also a suspension of life and a simulation of life. It can be all of the things that a hotel is, but you don't necessarily go there searching for comfort. No Hotel examines the tendency toward theatrical, voyeuristic, and bad behavior within suspended and simulated spaces.
Dramatic scenarios and dialogues collaged from classic hotel films such as Goulding's Grand Hotel, Warhol’s Chelsea Girls, Godard’s Détective, and Fassbinder's Beware of a Holy Whore effectively transform the hotel’s standardized architecture into a space for fictional, spectacle-oriented activity. A camera positioned outside the hotel captures what is happening in several rooms simultaneously, turning the windows into miniature theater stages.
As the piece progresses, the performers become increasingly radicalized, taking on the dramatic scenarios but exaggerating, dismantling, and finally defiling them. The theater becomes a site of riotous disorder: the ultimate hotel in which life is suspended, but no comfort can be found.

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