About the Grant

$40,000 to support Wayfinders (MAP 2012), a new performance work by Holcombe Waller.

About the Project

Wayfinders is a theatrically staged song cycle created and performed by Holcombe Waller. The libretto is a poetic rumination about navigation—from accounts of humankind’s most impressive ancient ocean journeys to mundane, modern errands guided by ubiquitous geolocation technology.

The sung stories, interactive-video spectacle, and the contrast of arranged and improvised musical performances (which are themselves displayed as a kind of navigation) converge to investigate how technology can both illuminate and obscure our awareness of presence, place, and trajectory in our everyday lives.

This investigation aims to be both literal and rhetorical, encircling the geographic and cultural implications of space. With every victory mapping new-found territory, do we fail our own imagination and the possibility for future discovery? With each journey to the grocery store in an unknown city, do we cut off the possibilities of life happening around us while we’re following other directions? Wayfinders investigates the nuance of the simple question: where are we?

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